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Find out more about our membership options below, and complete the "Member Registration" form to register as a member of the NLBA.

NLBA Membership.

The NLBA offers three types of memberships to individuals: (1) NLMEA Membership (2) Associate Membership and (3) Student Membership. The details of each of these types of membership, as well as the Membership Registration form, can be found below.

NLMEA Membership

Any member of the NLMEA may become a member of the NLBA at no additional cost. However, they must first finalize their membership with the NLMEA. To join, please register a membership with the NLMEA by visiting their website, and complete the contact form found below.



Associate Membership

Any individual who is not a member of the NLMEA may register for an "Associate Membership" at a total cost of $35.00, annually. To join, please complete the "Membership Registration" section of this page and select "Associate Membership".


Student Membership

Any individual who attends a post-secondary institution may register for a "Student Membership" at a reduced cost of $25.00, annually. To join, please complete the "Membership Registration" section of this page and select "Student Membership".

*Students who have a membership with the NLMEA, see membership option 1.

Orchestra Conductor

Our Members.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Band Association serves to actively support and promote wind bands, and their directors, in all regions of Newfoundland & Labrador. This support is available for all wind band programs and wind bands in any form, across all levels of musicianship.


NLBA members consist of community bands, school bands, military bands, faith-based bands, jazz bands, and their band directors. Furthermore, the NLBA welcomes anyone who may have an interest or passion for wind bands and wind band programs to join the association. Members of the NLBA are our most important resource in developing strategies and initiatives that best support wind bands in our province.




Registration fees can be sent via e-transfer to, or via cheque to the mailing address listed below:

7 Plateau Park

Paradise, NL

A1L 2R7

Out of which region do you operate?
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